Our peering, tunnel and transit manager is highly under development. Source code is not public but we release changelog of our releases.
Release 0.7.0
ADD: Interface graph
ADD: Default settings for user limits.
ADD: Enable tunnelbroker service for all.
Release 0.6.5
ADD: Prefix Management for IP resources that are not covered by IRR databases.
Release 0.6.2
FIX: Fixing bgp session states. Parsing requires all syntax.
Release 0.6.1
FIX: Show only last bgp session state instead of all.
Release 0.6.0
ADD: Restrict IRR databases and entries to offical sources: AFRINIC, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE (Altdb, Radb and others removed)
ADD: Enable/Disable tunnelbroker processing per node.
ADD: Enable/Disable tunnel processing per node.
ADD: ADD: Enable/Disable bgp session processing per node.
ADD: Ban/Unban asn or user function via admin menu.
ADD: Possible difference between transport networks and tunnelbroker space.
ADD: Work with filtered routes.
ADD: Better prefix management when no longer advertised.
ADD: GRE Key support
ADD: Favicon
ADD: Automated prefix filters emails.
ADD: Geolocation for ip space.
ADD: Show geoloaction for tunnel spaces.
ADD: Editor for news.
ADD: HTML code accepted with news.
Add: Update last connect states for session/tunnel and bgp session updates.
Add: Redis caching.
ADD: Notification on daily basis that BGP sessions are down.
ADD: New session structure.
ADD: RouterLog function.

FIX: Change tunnel type before ip.
FIX: Session bgp stats resource usage.
FIX: Check if tunnel type is set.
FIX: E-Mail text for verification.
FIX: Slowdowns during session updates.
FIX: Prints
FIX: Tunnel Type display.
FIX: Show tunnel types and available nodes after error.
FIX: delete() to form_valid
FIX: DB Error
Release 0.4.5
Add disable BGP sessions states directly in BGP session table.
Add Wireguard support v4/v6.
Add L2TPv3 support v4/v6.
Add options to enable/disable tunnel protocol support per node.
Release 0.4.0
Add live BGP session states.
Release 0.3.5
Add ASN blacklisting function. ASN can be blacklisted and blocked for all operations.
Release 0.1.5
Add user limit functionality for BGP sessions, IP space, tunnels and tunnelbroker.
Add function to login as user as admin. Add different apis for RIPE db entry generation.
Release 0.1.0
Initial public release
Remove all previous solutions regarding automation.
Migrate all function into manager.
Add RPKI / IRR prefix filtering.
Add BGP session config generation.
Add automated tunnel generation.
Add SIT tunnel protocol.
Add GRE tunnel protocol.
Add GRETAP tunnel protocol.
Add tunnelbroker functionality.
Add BGP transit functionality.